Discovering Art

Discovering Art

Anyone who is interested in art and wishes to find out more about the subject through discovery will find our group to be thought-provoking and stimulating.

Our purpose is to have an enjoyable discussion and share our views, insights and thoughts about the various art forms (of which there are many!).

Members of the group are encouraged to engage by choosing subject matter for discussion and also to lead a meeting on a topic they would like to discover and discuss.

Group Convenors: We are looking for a new Group Convenor, please email if you are interested in convening this group

Meeting place: Normally Members' Room CSP Community Centre

Meeting Day: Thursday, 1st week in the Month.   We are restarting in October 2021

Time: 2 pm

Group Size: No current limit

Vacancies: Yes

Group Objectives

  • To discuss various art forms
  • To find out more about art
  • To go out from time to time and see exhibitions of art

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