News & Events Archive 2023

News & Events Archive 2023

September 2023 Monthly Meeting

By admin | September 10, 2023

Wednesday 13th September 2023 at 2 pm Arranged marriage and how it works Amji Abinashi gave us an excellent insight into Indian Culture in May last year. Following requests to hear from him again, he will show us the history, conventions and procedures involved in arranged marriages. We’ll learn about some of the pros and … Read more

March 2023 Monthly Meeting

By admin | January 23, 2023

Wednesday 8th March 2023 at 2 pm The Murder of Alexander Litvinenko In October 2006 2 Russian Intelligence agents flew into London from Moscow. Their mission had one objective, to kill Ex KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko. We examine his life and death and the attempts to assassinate him. This is a “face to face” talk … Read more

February 2023 Monthly Meeting

By admin | January 23, 2023

Wednesday 8th February 2023 at 2 pm A History of Moor Park Mansion with Alison Wall Alison Wall will introduce us to the history of Moor Park, starting from the time of Cardinal Wolsey down to the present day, including its use during the Second World War for the planning of the Battle of Arnhem. … Read more

January 2023 Monthly Meeting

By admin | January 8, 2023

Wednesday 12th January 2023 at 2 pm Slovenia – A Beautiful Balkan Secret with Nick Brazil This little-known Balkan country only gained its independence in the 1990s after a short war.Although quite a small country, it is rich in the beautiful scenery, architecture, and history. Included in this is one of the most beautiful Balkan … Read more